The Aurelia Society Vision

Open Source. Decentralized. Revolutionary.

Many have pointed out the problems that plague modern society. Poverty, inequality, government corruption, the endemic surveillance society, cronyism, the revolving door between corporations and governments, lobbying for political favors, central banking, police brutality, militarization and profiteering. War without end. What they have not asked is “Cui Bono?” Who gains?

We believe that the four monopolies laid out in 1888 by Benjamin Tucker (the land monopoly, the money monopoly, the intellectual property monopoly, and the tariff monopoly) have fundamentally altered and corrupted the nature of human interaction. We believe that large firms have colluded and lobbied governments to enact regulations favorable to large firms for the purpose of limiting competition and extracting unearned rents. The state of the world today is the result of a regulatory environment that places artificial limits on the individuals opportunity to seek self-employment, business start up, and cottage industry. These include zoning regulation, building codes, occupational licensing, business permits. This has created a surplus of labor, putting workers at a disadvantage when negotiating wages, benefits and other terms of employment. This gives rise to the cheap, disposable labor forces necessitated by mass production, fast food, call centers, and retail super centers that bring in billions in profit, while its workers languish in the poverty of low wages, poor benefits, erratic scheduling, and abusive treatment. Those in power seek to hold the rest of us captive, captive to the needs of our very survival; food, shelter, water, energy. They would have us believe that there is no other way to survive, without them. We are here to say we don’t need them.

We want to enable individuals to escape the tyranny of the coercive, authoritarian hierarchies that have come to dominate the planet by refusing to do business with those who deal in blood money to the extent it is possible. Through the use of:

  • Open source licensing and piracy we can escape the tyranny of intellectual property monopoly.
  • Alternative currencies we can escape the tyranny of the central banking monopoly.
  • Decentralized energy production we can escape the tyranny of utility monopoly.
  • Informal economy, including emerging darknet markets we can escape the tyranny of oppressive taxation, over regulation, and tariffs that only protect corporate interests and profits.
  • Alternative building methods we can escape the tyranny of landlords and mortgage holders.
  • Small scale bio-intensive farming, distributed manufacturing, and trading with our neighbors we can develop economically resilient, stigmergic communities based on mutual exchange.
  • By being willing and able to defend ourselves, our property and our communities we can escape the tyranny of corrupt monopoly policing that serves only the interests of the ruling class through revenue generation schemes.
  • Homeschooling, unschooling and educational cooperatives we can end the cycle of indoctrination and obedience to authority.

Instead of being organized along divisive ideological lines, we seek to bring together a rich heritage of decentralization and autarky from established knowledge bases such as homesteaders, 3D printing enthusiasts, preppers, farmers markets, DIYers, the open source software and hardware movements, permaculturists, dark net markets, campers, hackers, the tiny house movement, home schoolers, flea markets, hobby farmers, maker culture, the crypto community, gardeners, alternative energy advocates and other interest groups with millions of participants into an integrated way of life. A new culture of makers, hackers, and creators is giving rise to open source, decentralized, DIY technology that will render oppressive authoritarian governance impossible.

The Aurelia Society is dedicated to realizing that potential.


2 responses to “The Aurelia Society Vision

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  2. Overall, this sounds great even if it is high-level and thus vague.

    On the issue of IP, I remain unconvinced by arguments against it.

    Engaging in information economic activity in the US can be dangerous.

    Alternative building is long overdue but that’s because zoning authorities are against it. They can refuse to approve plans and fine you by the day if you build it anyway.

    What concerns me about people going to work doing low tech things like farming and small manufacturing is that you leave the conversation. You’re so busy doing labor that you don’t have the time and energy to plug into the digital conversation, and thus you become invisible. This puts you at risk.

    Overall tho very interesting! I look forward to more.


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