Top Ten Subreddits for the Aspiring Aurelian

The prospect of building a community outside of the state sanctioned economy can seem like a daunting task, but with a little creativity the range of actions open to the aspiring Aurelian are seemingly endless. The opportunities are all around us, some small and others large, to deprive the state of the resources it uses to aggress against individuals. It is my hope that this list of subreddits will serve as inspiration for members of the community to seek out ways to live their lives free of state intervention.

I have intentionally chosen non-ideological subreddits and whenever possible, subreddits that are not listed as “default” subs. I have also attempted to no list any subreddit which is on the sidebar of a subreddit that is already listed. The sidebars of these subreddits are often the most valuable resource, and I would highly recommend reading them to get the most out of the subreddits, including exploring the list or related subreddits many sidebars offer.

1) Frugal

Spending less in the formal economy means the state has less ability to tax and you can use the money you save on other aurelian projects

2) FreeLance

This subreddit is dedicated to teaching you how to be a free-lancer. There are many skills that can be used to free-lance. Photography, writing, coding, and graphic design are all skills that can be traded in the informal economy.

3) StartUps

As an entrepreneurial movement, start ups are at the heart of the Aurelian. The guides and tips on this subreddit could make the difference between a thriving Aurelian enterprise and failure.

4) Gardening

Gardening is an easy skill that I feel is integral to the Aurelian. Not only can you cheaply produce your own food, you can also sell any surplus at the local farmers market, or online (especially, soaps, canned goods, and other nonperishables that can be produced). The sidebar here has links to a lot of useful skill sets, such as /r/canning, that raise the potential value of your gardening efforts. For those with not much space, there are specialized subreddits for just about any living situation: and

5) BuyItForLife

Buying once and maintaining an item, even if it is more expensive at first, can often mean great savings over the life of the item. A n example is choosing to shave with a straight razor instead of buying disposables over and over again.

6) Homestead

Being able to produce more of what you need yourself is valuable for situations where you can’t otherwise find a state-free alternative. Producing your own electricity and collecting water can reduce your dependence on utility companies, which are often monopolized by the state.

7) BodyWeightFitness

Everyone knows that staying in shape is important. By using bodyweight workouts, you can avoid gym memberships, or buying equipment.

Personally, I prefer barbell workouts. You can often buy used barbell sets, relatively cheap.

8) CordCutters

Many avenues are available for enjoying your favorite artists work, without surrendering to state extortion and without giving recording/movie/software industry more money to lobby for ever more conspicuous property rights violations through “intellectual property” law enforcement. This subreddit will teach you how to master them all.

9) Flipping

The sidebar of this subreddit is complete course in buying and selling online. This is a great way for an Aurelian to supplement their income, or for some, as a sole means of income, derived entirely from the informal economy.

10) NetSec

Learn the skills necessary to protect your information on and offline, access the internets black markets, and many other activities of interest to Aurelians. Again, the sidebar here is a wonderful learning tool.


One response to “Top Ten Subreddits for the Aspiring Aurelian

  1. You should investigate Monero as an alternative to Bitcoin. It addresses many of Bitcoins technical shortcomings as well as being a truly anonymous digital cash. Bitcoin is on its path to be fully co-opted by the PTB and is sub optimal due to its lack of privacy and fungibility ie the ability to flag coins as ‘tainted’ and thus exclude them from the economy.
    .But most importantly it is a project with a spirit and community very closely aligned with Aurelian vision. This is NOT a pump and dump endorsement! DO you due diligence and see for yourself. I belive you will find the synergies compelling,


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